Plagiarism really is a crime:

a counterblast against anarchists and postmodernists

George MacDonald Ross


This paper is an amplification of a section on postmodernism in my ‘Plagiarism in philosophy: prevention better than cure’, at

In the war against plagiarism, we tend to think of the enemy as being the dishonest or lazy student. However, there are academics who play down the seriousness of the offence, or even deny that it is an offence at all. Since they are traitors within the ranks, it is important to expose the fallacies in their arguments. The two main groups are anarchists and (some) postmodernists, though there are others as well.

This paper was submitted to the International Integrity & Plagiarism Conference which ran between 2004-2014. The paper was peer reviewed by an independent editorial board and features in the conference proceedings.